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MAY 1-5

Cannes, France


An international platform for emerging and established talents, the IFCA enables artists to develop and propel their careers, while showcasing their unique talents and creations in front of key industry players from around the world.

Creating International Crossroads through





PROGRAMME IFCArts 1er au 5 MAI 2024


10:00 AM - Registration
11:00 AM - Welcome Meeting
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Bootcamp


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM - Bootcamp
6:00 PM - Open Call LAPAC / NYFA / AGENCES


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM - Bootcamp
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM - Semi-final


10:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Bootcamp
2:00 PM - Rehearsal for Finalists
7:00 PM - Finale


10:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Bootcamp Recalls / Call Backs Networking / Speed-dating Farewell Party


The personal branding for an artist

Anastasia Gaï, creator and President of the Revelation of the Stars project, agent, artist coach, (strategy and career development..) member of the IMTA and CID, creator of large-scale international cultural and prestigious events. (galas, balls, fashion shows, tours, festivals...) With over 20 years of experience in international management and the implementation of large-scale artistic projects. With passion, she has trained over 1500 artists, of whom 100 she has had the joy of seeing succeed, overcome challenges, and head to Hollywood. 46 of them have become laureates, earned scholarships to top American schools, and signed contracts with international producers.**

Anastasia Gaï

Launching an acting career in Hollywood

Natalia Lazarus is an actress, author, director, playwright, and director of the Conservatory of Performing Arts, one of the most renowned schools in Los Angeles. Having started on the stages of New York, she has performed, directed, and produced over 45 theatrical productions. Her television acting career includes several shows, ranging from Port Charles to Westworld, and she has coached and worked with several well-known actors.


Natalia Lazarus

Behind the magic

After starting out on television as a dancer and actor, Emanuel Lenormand shifted his focus to writing and directing. He joined Disneyland in Florida and California before finally settling in Paris. Today, he is a stage director and artistic director within the entertainment team, responsible for the creation, writing, choreography, and staging of shows and parades at Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios parks.

Emanuel Lenormand also wears the media hat, serving as the official Disney Spokesperson for Disneyland Paris Entertainment, conducting interviews for television and radio, and overseeing character shoots. Additionally, he is an author and director of plays performed in Paris and on tour, including works like "Enooormes," "Nobles s’oblige," "Le temps d’une lessive," "Devine qui vient dîner," and "Dans la peau de Marguerite Dupré."
He is also the choreographer and director of major shows by Chantal Goya, such as "Le Soulierqui vole," "La Planète merveilleuse," and "Le château Hanté."


Emanuel Lenormand

Becoming a professional actor and model, and reaching for the stars

Sèdo Tossou is a Franco-Beninese actor, musician, and model. One of the first Beninese actors to break into the world of Hollywood cinema, he is the founder of Sèdo N’Nogni, a film school in Benin. He is a laureate of the Revelation of the Stars project and a graduate of the prestigious New York Film Academy.
After participating in the Revelation of the Stars project, he relocated to Los Angeles and began his career as a model, walking the runways for Fashion Week and major brands, and as an actor, landing numerous roles on television and Netflix. Recently, he secured one of the leading roles in the series Black Santiago Club. He is currently developing a series for Canal +, of which he will be the producer.


Sèdo Tossou

Releasing their record in Hollywood

Over the years, Marc E. Williams and his production team at Indasoul have written, produced, and/or remixed hits for artists such as the platinum duo K-Ci and JoJo, rapper French Montana, Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, and many others. More recently, they produced two songs for Def Jam Recording artist Dani Leigh for the film "Angel," released on BET and Paramount Plus in November 2023. Indasoul has also achieved incredible success in music licensing for film and television, with placements in programs like "Temptation Island," the Netflix hit "Love is Blind," "The Ultimate Queer," "The World of Dance," and "The Bachelor," to name a few.


Marc E. Williams

Releasing their record in Hollywood

Christopher 'C-Ray' Roberts, a renowned music producer and songwriter, ranked on the Billboard and iTunes charts, has solidified his position as a respected creator in the music industry over his decade-long career. After signing his first major publishing deal with Sony/ATV & Stellar Songs in 2011, he experienced early success with a chart-topping album in the United States and a number one song on the iTunes Top 100 charts. In 2016, by founding his music production company, OnKey Entertainment, Roberts aimed to support emerging artists and make significant contributions to the artistic development landscape of the music industry alongside the renowned songwriter and music producer Marc 'M.Doc' Williams and Indasoul Entertainment, both of which have been recognized multiple times.


Christopher 'C-Ray' Roberts

Mapping European Funding

Théo Majcher, holding a Master's degree in Cultural Policies and Management from Paris 8, focuses on European identity in arts and culture. He has collaborated with the ENCC, spoken on European cultural financing, and managed international artistic programs. Beyond his cultural work, Théo is an actor and singer, co-founding the theater company ALTER EGO (X), with an emphasis on international cooperation. Since 2021, he has assisted in preparing European applications for Erasmus+ and Creative Europe. In 2023, after obtaining a degree in radio and television hosting, he launched a media department within his company for radio, podcasts, and web TV.


Théo Majcher

Jérémie Vanopdenbosch

Mapping European Funding

Jérémie Vanopdenbosch defies the boundaries of the impossible, as he precisely achieved starting from nothing, with a shy and introverted nature. He has built one of the most influential networks of his generation, generating significant value through high-end connections. As the founder of Business Entourage, a leader in the French-speaking world in relational expertise and networking, he collaborates with major groups, brands, institutions, and thousands of entrepreneurs. Dubbed the "entrepreneur of 5000 refusals" by Forbes magazine, Jérémie Vanopdenbosch is also a renowned international speaker with over 100 conferences to his credit, including the prestigious TEDx. In this conference, he will share keys to overcoming the barriers of introspection, unlocking the power of relationships, building an influential network, and accelerating success.


Artist in the spotlight + artistic coaching

Michel Durand, artistic director of the Révélation des Étoiles project and the musical theater department at the Cours Florent, is a director, choreographer, and teacher. A former choreographer at the National Ballet of Marseille Roland Petit, Michel Durand has been passionate about dance since the age of 14, teaching it for years, as well as musical theater, a discipline that captivates him due to its evident connection between acting and dance. He is also an exceptional director and is regularly sought after to direct musicals and artistic projects worldwide.


Michel Durand

Révélation des Étoiles Champion - Meet

Actress, comedian, author, TV presenter, Cécile Djunga participated in the Révélation des Étoiles project upon graduating from Cours Florent and went on to join the French team at the World Championship in Hollywood, where she won the title of World Champion in the Acting category. Since then, her career has continued to flourish. She is a regular presence on TV, hosting The Voice Belgique and the show Tattoo Cover, as well as being a panelist on the program Antidote on France 2 alongside Michel Cymes. She hosts the Talk-Show Culture Club on Tipik and the show C’est Toujours Pas Sorcier, where she unveils the secrets of science on France TV. She is also on tour with her one-woman show in Belgium, France, and Congo.


Cécile Djunga

Personal branding

Andrea Ardila, originally from Colombia and living in Paris for the past 8 years, is a passionate marketer, photographer, and video editor. She created a YouTube channel that quickly reached 30K subscribers within just a few months. Being self-taught, she decided to take the plunge and establish her own freelance business. Today, she has a community of over 40K followers and runs a profitable business through Instagram.

As an entrepreneur, Andrea has assisted over 200 entrepreneurs and brands in enhancing their business and sales through social media platforms. Her mission is to guide entrepreneurs in increasing their sales and expanding their presence on social networks. Additionally, she aims to connect talents with brands.


Andrea Ardila

Percer médiatiquement dans le showbusiness, c’est possible Breaking into show business media is indeed possible!

Passionate about cinema and theater, Laurent Amar teamed up with Nicolas Goldstein to create the very first community-based web TV dedicated to actors: Subsequently, Laurent, who regularly rubs shoulders with famous artists, decided to launch the first online magazine entirely devoted to cultural entertainment and award ceremonies,, where he became the editor-in-chief in August. He emerged as a true icon of the Parisian and Monegasque scene. Whether at the Cannes Film Festival or other prestigious events in Paris, Laurent has become indispensable. His close relationships with many celebrities in the artistic world have earned him the nickname "the friend of the stars". He is recognized as a society columnist, thanks to the regular publication of his articles in the famous media outlet "Le Huffington Post". Finally, Laurent is established as an important member of the Parisian Jet-set.


Laurent Amar

How to succeed in talent competitions / Vocal Coaching

Pascal Terzian, a vocal coach for 18 years, draws on his singing career and his work with 190 artists, achieving remarkable success. Proficient in various repertoires, he has refined his vocal technique and pedagogy under the guidance of renowned coaches such as Richard Cross, Léa Ivanne, and Damien Silvert. Passionate about discovering new talents, he organizes national events and founded the "Les Étoiles de nos Régions" competition in 2009, one of the largest singing competitions in France. In 2022, his appointment as a vocal coach at the prestigious Institut Dalida, a national school, allows artists to benefit from his demanding yet supportive approach. This year, after performing in 80 shows of the "Demen'Ciel" spectacle, you can find him as a vocal coach in the new documentary series "Trouver Sa Voix(e)", airing every evening on France TV.


Pascal Terzian

The importance of being on TikTok for artists and how to utilize this platform

Marvin Darmon, the founder of Monsieur Darmon, boasts over a decade of experience in music marketing despite lacking formal education. He has been a trailblazer in utilizing influencer marketing on TikTok, a new communication model for music artists. Working with influential names such as RONISIA, VACRA, NINHO, REMA, PIERRE DE MAERE, DAVID GUETTA, TIAKOLA, and BLACK EYED PEAS, he recently joined the team of artist RIDSA to further his career. As the founder of a group comprising three companies and over 15 employees, he is recognized as one of the digital entrepreneurs to watch closely at just 29 years old. His upcoming masterclass on TikTok presents an opportunity for artists to grasp the importance of this platform, learn how to use it effectively, and leverage its features to increase visibility and success in the contemporary music industry.


Marvin Darmon

The fashion industry

With over thirty years of experience in fashion and hairstyling, Thierry Pietu is a seasoned professional and an excellent choice for fashion shows as both a professional and a creator. Collaborating with Balmain and creating several collections over the past three years, Thierry's creations have adorned participants of MISS INDIA FRANCE and winners at the Cannes Film Festival and the Bal Parisien. His work has been featured in prestigious publications, and his fashion shows at renowned venues such as the Ritz and the Westin have garnered praise. Moreover, Thierry's commitment to sustainability is evident through initiatives such as the Circular Fashion Federation and La Caserne.

In summary, Thierry Pietu is the ideal eclectic creator for the inaugural international edition of Cannes, offering a wealth of experience and a keen eye for innovation in the fashion industry.


Thierry Pietu

Media training for artists

Yanis Bargoin, founder of the city guide Fresh Mag Paris, brings together 10 years of experience in the media industry. As editor-in-chief of several magazines including Luxury Place, Luxus Plus, and Monsieurmadame, and as a presenter for TeleStar by Reworld Media, he is involved in various fashion and luxury projects, collaborating with numerous brands and deploying his journalistic expertise in the realm of Premium Lifestyle.


Yanis Bargoin

Models, how to land contracts

As a model represented by an agency and an actress, Tiotis Josse was a finalist model at the World Championship of Performing Arts and Fashion in 2022 in Los Angeles. Since then, she has been advancing her career in France and abroad, collaborating with Saga cosmetics, Subway, Van Palma, Gala magazine, Adyctive, Goossens Paris, Bonjour aimée, Malvie Magazine, and many others.

As the official coach for models at Top Model Rstars, she shares all the tricks of the trade to get signed by agencies, build a strong portfolio, develop a career, and secure contracts.


Tiotis Josse

How to avoid pitfalls and succeed in artist interviews

Philippe Muller, editor-in-chief of Cannes Radio, embarked on his career path after studying English and journalism in Nice. He joined the Cannes Radio team in 1990, later taking a hiatus for 6 years from 2004 to 2010 before returning as editor-in-chief. Philippe presents the morning news flashes on Cannes Radio from Monday to Wednesday, from 6:30 am to 9:00 am, as well as at 12:30 pm. Additionally, he covers the 6 pm and 6:30 pm news flashes on Thursdays and Fridays. He also covers major cultural, sports, and economic events on the French Riviera with numerous interviews throughout the year. Philippe also teaches radio broadcasting at the Cannes IUT at the Georges Méliès campus and has been hosting forums at the Fnac stores in Cannes and Nice for 24 years. He also moderates various debates such as those at the Cannes Meetings and during the Mouans-Sartoux Book Festival.


Phillipe Muller

Mastering Stage Makeup in 15 Minutes

JZK, founder and CEO of Makeup Art Academy Paris, embodies excellence and innovation in the makeup industry. With 15 years of expertise, she has elevated the academy to a global benchmark in makeup training. Its expansion to Paris and Dubai has made it a leading institution in two influential fashion capitals. Her bold vision has led her to the most prestigious international stages, including Fashion Weeks and iconic events such as the Rio Carnival and the Cannes Film Festival. Her journey illustrates her dedication to pushing boundaries and inspiring a new generation of talent in the makeup world.


Janine  Zenk


MAY 1 to 5, 2024


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